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Shoogly Beads is a husband and wife design team based beside the sea in Stonehaven on the lovely Northeast coast of Scotland. Mike is responsible for the gorgeous polymer clay beads and Pat is responsible for the jewellery design. The 'Shoogly' part of our name comes from a good Scots word meaning shaky, wobbly, swinging......just what beads and charms should do when you hang them off things.......a charm bracelet should be very shoogly as should dangly earrings! We also make and sell exclusive beads, pendants, charms, buttons and other bits and pieces in polymer clay. These can be used for your own creations! Pat has also re-discovered her love of painting and other crafts and some of these have been added to our shops. Currently we are selling our contemporary jewellery, polymer clay, art work and knitting via Folksy and Etsy

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Ice and Christmas Trees

Hannah on the Pond
It's been an odd sort of week. Hardly left the house except to walk Hannah. The snow stopped falling yesterday and we had a minor thaw late last night. Earlier in the evening we walked around the estate..just to see who had their decorations up early. What struck me wasn't the lights festooning trees and bushes but the icicles hanging from eaves. In some cases these were enormous reaching from roof to almost the ground. I can't ever remember seeing the like before! Our pond has almost completely frozen over and I've been putting food for the birds out on the ice. Hannah has discovered she can stand on the ice and has made short work of the bird food!
Hungry Robin
I put this robin photo up on my facebook and one friend thought at first glance it was a photo of my fridge!! I can see how she might have thought that but it is really the table outside my window!
Today has been bitterly cold and it seems we're to have more snow although it may be sleet for us on the coast!

'Twiggy' Tree with no Lights!
On Friday I took the plunge and opened a Folksy shop for Shoogly Beads. There's an awful lot of dissatisfaction with Misi showing on the forums and I can understand why. My worry is that the Misi site is 'pulled' without warning so I'm hedging my bets. All new Shoogly stuff will go up on Folksy and I might move some more things over from Misi.
I started putting up some Christmas decorations today.......I don't put up many decorations these days but I do love my 'Twiggy' tree. My tree always looks so pretty with it's small twinkling lights..not today, I forgot I'd thrown the lights out last year! I must get to the shops tomorrow.......a tree without lights is just not a tree for me.


  1. Your twiggy tree catch my attention. It is unique. I like it very much also Hannah and the robin.

  2. The robin photo is so adorable! Best of luck with the new Folksy shop. ~Val