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Shoogly Beads is a husband and wife design team based beside the sea in Stonehaven on the lovely Northeast coast of Scotland. Mike is responsible for the gorgeous polymer clay beads and Pat is responsible for the jewellery design. The 'Shoogly' part of our name comes from a good Scots word meaning shaky, wobbly, swinging......just what beads and charms should do when you hang them off things.......a charm bracelet should be very shoogly as should dangly earrings! We also make and sell exclusive beads, pendants, charms, buttons and other bits and pieces in polymer clay. These can be used for your own creations! Pat has also re-discovered her love of painting and other crafts and some of these have been added to our shops. Currently we are selling our contemporary jewellery, polymer clay, art work and knitting via Folksy and Etsy

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Something New

My Samples for LBOC
I promised myself I would create a Folksy Treasury this week but personal things got in the way and most plans for the past few days were tossed out the window. Earlier I was trying to think of things I could produce for the Little Book of Crafters. This is the brainchild of Mimi Winfield a lovely idea for spreading the word about crafts. You can find out more here: http://littlebookofcrafters.blogspot.com/
I had been playing around with painting some ACEOs after viewing some threads on the subject on the Folksy Forums. Sometimes I do small water colour sketches for jewellery designs or patterns I'd like Mike to produce in clay and they seemed to lend themselves to this new (to me) format.
Having bought a new printer last week I thought I'd set up some prints of my original water colours and I was quite pleased with the results!
I finally made up some samples to send to Mimi for the LBOC and these included prints of my first attempts at ACEOs.
Next step is to pluck up the courage and list a picture or two on Folksy! Since I've signed up for the Weekly listing club this month I thought I would try listing on there, perhaps tomorrow. Now I can't make up my mind whether to list just the one or to list them all!! Here are my first choices.....

Old Road Sorrento

Washing on Easdale
Doonie Point Stonehaven

Murano Valetine Necklace

Now to think of a Folksy Treasury I can do later in the week....!!


  1. I love your ACEOs, especially the top two, my favourite being the washing on Easdale painting, that's really lovely. Hope you start listing them on the ACEO threads very soon!

  2. I too like the washing line. Why don't you list them all? Nothing ventured as they say.

  3. Thank you for your encouragement ladies! I don't know if I could part with the originals..do people list prints??

  4. List them all!!! lol. They are really beautiful. I especially like the washing and Doonie point. People do list prints and get a good price for them too. Archival paper and inks seem to be the thing to use.
    BTW...looks like we are hosting a Kitchen Ceilidh in our cottage later this year with all the 'bothy ballad greats' and it is to be filmed and made into a DVD! I thought with your connections to 'the music' that you would understand my excitement : )

  5. I love them - get them listed! Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Hx

  6. Thanks...all of you...I'll do it!! I jumped in with the Haywain Challenge!!!
    Yes Aileen..ell understand your Bothy Ballad excitement..who's going to be there??

  7. I'll tell you when we've told them lol. There'll be some weel kent faces anyway : )

  8. These water colours are beautiful! I love Old Road Sorrento! Best of luck with your ACEOs. ~Val

  9. LOVING the Murano. So perfect for the Alice in Wonderland theme that's so much in the news (or will be, very soon !)