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Stonehaven, North East Scotland, United Kingdom
Shoogly Beads is a husband and wife design team based beside the sea in Stonehaven on the lovely Northeast coast of Scotland. Mike is responsible for the gorgeous polymer clay beads and Pat is responsible for the jewellery design. The 'Shoogly' part of our name comes from a good Scots word meaning shaky, wobbly, swinging......just what beads and charms should do when you hang them off things.......a charm bracelet should be very shoogly as should dangly earrings! We also make and sell exclusive beads, pendants, charms, buttons and other bits and pieces in polymer clay. These can be used for your own creations! Pat has also re-discovered her love of painting and other crafts and some of these have been added to our shops. Currently we are selling our contemporary jewellery, polymer clay, art work and knitting via Folksy and Etsy

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Frustrating Day!!

Persian Carpet Pillow Beads
It's mid November and the weather has not been good this week. For this corner of North East Scotland that also means poor light with the increasingly shorter days. One of the big problems from now on will be photographing beads and jewellery. Pat spent hours today trying to photograph two pairs of earrings....the air was blue! She hates flash going off on crystal AB Swarovskis....didn't do too well with the ice blue Murano either!

Persian Carpet in John Brigg's shop
On the plus side we have another set of polymer clay beads for sale on Misi. This set, 'Persian Carpet' was inspired by a series of photos Mike took at a friend's shop. John Briggs .http://johnawbriggs.blogspot.com/ imports the most gorgeous carpets and has shops in Stonehaven and Perth


  1. Pat has my sympathy. I've given up on being able to take photos outdoors where there is the best light as I'd need to tie everything down to stop it blowing away. Last week I did notice that, when the sun is out, the light on the top landing is pretty good. Surroundings, unfortunately, are not so good but can be worked on. I can get reasonable light in my bedroom but it's short lived as it's a north facing room. You're probably worse than me being further north.

  2. I finally got my photos...would you believe I did them using the under cupboard striplight in the kitchen with flash turned off....Seems we're in for a few dreich days so I'll have to keep the kitchen tidy!!!